The wives of seafarers and mothers of 2 children, we know all about the life of a seawife.

Hi, we are Jo and Louise Hammond and we are the wives of officers in the Merchant Navy. We also happen to be sisters-in-law – seafaring runs in the Hammond blood as our father in law is also a master mariner. Sounds like there is no hope for our own sons!

We live 7 miles apart and have each other to chat to, moan to, go out with, have a glass (or bottle of wine with) when our significant others are away. We are both now stay at home mums although Jo (in what seems like a previous life) was a family solicitor until last year and in her previous life, Louise worked in administration in both the public and private sectors.

If we were not related we would probably have never fallen into each others social circles and would not have this person that understands the goodbyes, the first argument in the 24 hours they return, the change of routines but also the unbelievable love and enjoyment when they first come back through that door and how important family time is when they are home.

We felt that there is no common link or area that partners or family members can go to and that there are a lot of people that will not be lucky to have family in their local area. We also noticed there was a big divide between the different maritime industries and we wanted to bring everybody together who live in this weird but surprisingly wonderful life as “We are all in the same boat!”

We want the site to be creative, exciting and also a support and this can only be done if everybody works together. if you would like to get more involved by writing for us, advertising or fundraising then please contact us [email protected]

Jo Hammond Director

I am 33 years old with 2 boys aged 4 and 2. Life is a whirlwind of chaos and I gave up work as a solicitor to stay at home with my wonderful (but very boisterous) children. I must admit now, that going to work was far easier and I would prefer to try and persuade any Judge in the land that my case is right rather than try and negotiate or explain to 2 boys that they cannot go to school in their batman outfits or that peppa pig is better than power rangers. How my life has changed!! I love being a seawife and I recognise all the highs and the lows. I am really looking forward to meeting all our new members and readers.

Louise Hammond Director

I am 34 years old and met my husband when I was just 17. We had our first son before he entered the Merchant navy and when I was only 18. Life was shall we say a little complicated in those early years, but we eventually married and went on to have our second son over 11 years after our first. So, now we have 2 sons, aged 16 and 5 which makes life pretty interesting in our household. I worked full time until I had our second son and now I love being able to stay at home and appreciate my boys (husband included), especially with a cup of coffee when the boys are at school and the husband’s at sea, a break from the noise and chaos that superheroes, Doctor Who and incessant ship talk brings.… nothing quite like showing your appreciation from afar.

Seawives is something Jo and I truly believe in and we can not wait to meet you all.